Alexander O’Neal

Reputedly the best pure singer to come from the ’80s soul/RnB era


Introducing Alexander

A career spanning 40 years

An amazing, legendary performer!

With eight albums to his name and an overwhelming amount of hit singles, Alexander O’Neal is the definition of success. During the 70s O’Neal put together his own band, and by constant touring of the live circuit in the States, developed his obvious vocal talents.

In 1978 he joined Flyte Tyme with future producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Flyte Tyme eventually became the backing band for Prince and the early 80s saw Alexander begin his solo career as a vocalist, making his first recordings in ’84 with Jam and Lewis.

Global success

Career highlights

In 1986 Alexander O’Neal achieved a co-production with Jam & Lewis credit on the Janet Jackson debut hit single ‘Control’. 1987 saw the release of Alexander’s second album Hearsay and featured major club anthems ‘Fake’ and ‘Criticise’; the album sold over 700 000 copies in the UK alone.

UK Tours

During this period Alexander embarked on several sell out UK tours including six nights at Wembley Arena where his on stage antics on a bed with beautiful women from the audience pre-empted scenes similar to those from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour a few years later. Alexander O’Neal’s popularity in the UK has been constantly reiterated with numerous sell out tours (including Princes Trust Concert) and a BBC TV special.

Guinness Book of Albums

All his six albums have charted both in the UK and the USA – a considerable achievement! These six albums have lead to Alexander clocking up over 162 weeks in the Guinness Book of Albums.


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