The Blow Monkeys

The ultimate British New Wave 80’s Band


Introducing The Blow Monkeys

The Blow Monkey are one of the best known acts of the 1980’s.

Formed in London in 1981, their music was very distinctive.

They began their career as a new wave group, became a commercial pop act and by the close of the decade and their break-up in 1990 had become a dance group, but throughout fused their music with a rich variety of other genres as well including jazz, funk, soul and world music.

About the band

Albums & Singles

The band has seen success with 5 albums; ‘Limping for a Generation’ (1984), ‘Animal Magic’ (1986), ‘She Was Only a Grocer’s Daughter’ (1987), ‘Whoops…There Goes the Neighbourhood’ (1988), and ‘Springtime’ (1989). They also released over twenty singles, including 1985’s ‘Digging Your Scene’, which got to number 12 in the UK singles chart, and 1987’s ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way’ which went Top 5.

They were always political and never afraid to tackle difficult subjects. ‘Digging Your Scene’ was about AIDS and the anti-Margaret Thatcher anthem ‘Celebrate’ (The Day After You)’, which featured a guest appearance from the late Curtis Mayfield, was banned by the BBC in 1987

Reforming the band

After nearly eighteen years apart, the Blow Monkeys, with all four original members on board, got back together at the end of last year. They played, beginning at the 80’s Retro Fest near Glasgow, a 10 date tour of the UK in September and have also just released on their own Blow Monkey Music label their sixth album, ‘Devil’s Tavern’


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