Mitchell Brunings

Reggae, Bossanova, Samba, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Calypso, Country, Salsa, Merengue


Introducing Mitchell Brunings

Star of The Voice Holland and global performer

Having been born in Surinam – a northern country of South America – and raised in The Netherlands, Mitchell Brunings had a plethora of musical influences from all over the world.

Reggae, Bossanova, Samba, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Calypso, Country, Salsa, Merengue, Surinam’s own traditional music called Kaseko, and a host of other styles have lent their authority to Brunings’ raspy and soulful music style.

The Netherlands based musician spent time in clubs imbued with R&B notes and classic Motown. If he had to choose, reggae music would be his greatest love and driving force. Mitchell says;

The one drop, stepper rhythm, the heartbeat of reggae is hypnotizing to me. The consciousness of the lyrics in most reggae songs has always been of great inspiration to me.

As an artist, Brunings hopes to represent pure reggae with clear and soulful influences.

Musical Generations

Mitchell’s Background & History

Mitchell’s grandfathers were singers and his father a musician. His mother, a fan of country music, would weave these influences into her favorites.

With a musical family, Mitchell was exposed to these various melodic techniques from a young age daily. Mitchell admits that his main influences have always been reggae, soul and rhythm and blues.

Sell-out shows

In 2015 Mitchell played the lead role in the Marley Musical at Baltimore’s Centre Stage theatre. It sold out before the end of it’s run and was the highest-grossing and best-attended show in the company’s history.

The Voice – Holland

In August of 2013, Mitchell had the opportunity to participate in The Voice of Holland – the original which other countries, including America. Becoming runner up in the show allowed Mitchell to branch out, following his ‘One Love’ of music.

Mitchell in Action

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